Venus Citrus

Specialty suppliers are premium growers and suppliers who offer exceptional products at a high level of quality and consistency.

These suppliers often undertake wholesale produce distribution through a sole distributer or through limited wholesalers, including Louis Melbourne.

Louis Melbourne are the distribution partner of choice for many leading brands whose success is dependent on consistency of quality, but also the development of new and exciting varieties that differentiate them from other suppliers. The fact that Louis Melbourne has spent 40 years creating a multi-level network and now specialises in tailoring wholesale produce supply and distribution strategies, means that we have the tools and the contacts to meet the high standards and expectations of specialty suppliers.

Some of our specialty suppliers include:

  • Venus Citrus
  • Eclipse
  • Marciano
  • Pinnacle Fresh
  • Batlow
  • Central Park Orchards
  • GV
  • Nightingale Bros
  • Prima
  • Seeka
  • Wintersun Fruit

We also have a well-established network and methodology for the distribution of produce sourced from growers implementing eco- friendly methods.

Growers of specialty varieties or businesses who wish to source premium produce can enquire here about our specialty supplier program.

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