Louis Melbourne works with Australian and international growers offering multi-region local and overseas supply of produce.

Collaborating with Louis Melbourne means enjoying a range of benefits and complete confidence knowing that we’re dedicated to securing sales and distribution of quality produce.  Louis Melbourne specialises in creating personalised and strategically supported wholesale distribution programs.   Our growers can simply focus on their operation, harvest their produce and be confident their brand is taken care of.

Furthermore, our growers can take advantage of the services of a personally assigned trade manager.

Your trade manager will:

  • Conduct operation and site visits
  • Commit to understanding the overall long term strategy
  • Understand what the current season/year is going to yield
  • Advise how to meet long term and current season strategy
  • Use intimate customer knowledge to allocate supply to the right customers, yielding maximum returns

Whether you specialise in a specific produce range, grow multiple varieties or produce types or have new varieties on offer and wish to penetrate the market, Louis Melbourne is the perfect wholesale produce partner to optimise your distribution strategy.

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