Louis Melbourne is proud to be Victoria’s premier wholesale produce supplier with 40 years of experience in horticulture and 30 years of wholesale produce trading and distribution.

Founded with a vision of combining the knowledge of horticulture and supply, with the profound understanding of buying and demand cycles our services are specialised and catered to both our customers; growers and retailers. Louis Melbourne offers well-established and effective programs for both.

Louis Melbourne simplifies the complex relationship between the supplier and retailer, provides choice across a diverse produce range while our professionals give you the competitive advantage aligning the supplier, the retailer and the season.  Our network of Australia wide and international growers deliver to Louis Melbourne secure supply ensuring end-to-end season availability of produce even during times of produce scarcity or natural disasters.

Louis Melbourne maintains standards that satisfy even the largest of supermarket chains. Our network of wholesale produce is certified for, and adheres to Safe Quality Food (SQF) and Harmonised Australian Retail Produce Scheme (HARPS) standards, which means our produce can be sold everywhere from the local green grocer to major supermarkets.

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